Sunset Healthcare Staffing, L.L.C is a brand-new healthcare Temp agency located in Kent, Washington State. The business was started with a desire to provide quality and highly skilled healthcare staffing services. It was begun by Peter Tebusweke who is an Immigrant from Uganda.

Mr. Tebusweke has lived in the USA for 3 years now. During these years, he has worked as a CNA for three staffing agencies and has worked in so many Assisted Living and Nursing Homes.

After seeing a high demand for Healthcare workers in different facilities, he got inspired to start his own staffing agency and try also to fill that gap by hiring CNAs, LPNs and RNs. He loves taking care of People. His dream is to see Sunset Healthcare Staffing to grow into a giant reliable Temp agency in Washington state and Oregon Area.

Choose Sunset Healthcare Staffing because we are committed to be the best wherever and whenever we are needed.